our hearts couldn’t cope with all the hair goals in beyonce’s new music video ‘formation’ so let’s start with YAASSSSSS bee. i slay, you slay, we slay.

formation was filled with natural hair galore, all types including the beautiful 4C natural hair! not to mention the superbowl, we were so proud and happy to see more natural hair on the big stage! even the gorgeous blue ivy carter made an appearance with her incredible hair! “i like my baby hair with baby hair and afros” – we were oohing, ahhh’ing and YAASSSS’ing!

it doesn’t stop there, because at the superbowl 2016, the queen bee performed her new song formation and gave us even more hair goals!

ooooh and as if those hairgoals weren’t enough! hollywood‘s dance to hair goals queen beyonce gave us life! and so did willdabeast, with his choreograph shot in hollywood at the infamous Millennium Dance Complex.

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stay sassy,