air dry your hair with a hairgoals t-shirt for soft and fleek-able hair, what?! how?

firstly, follow us on instagram @hairgoals ? secondly, did you know…? our official hairgoals length check t-shirt is multipurpose and serves as a natural and healthy hair dryer too – what?! shop here –

using a t-shirt to dry freshly washed hair is healthier for your hair by absorbing the excess water without ridding all of the moisture, in other words using a t-shirt to dry your wet hair can reduce frizz! t-shirts have a flat surface which are super curl friendly too unlike the rough grooves of a towel.

– regular towels dry out your hair and cause unnecessary harshness to your beautiful hair shaft, so opt for a t-shirt instead… a hairgoals t-shirt ? made in the united kingdom with all the love in the world! not only can you track your hair growth, hair journey and hair goals but you can also dry your hair with it too!

we challenge you to dry your hair with a t-shirt!

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